About Carmel Convent School

Carmel Convent was founded on 12th February 2009 to cater the requirements of the rural and elite students for providing quality education along with moral values that could be affordable for everyone at their native village or town in peaceful location for their sound health. This institute cares a lot about culture and heritage that India has been famous and popular in abroad. Cultural Programs/Quiz/Drawing/Handwriting/Debates and several other activities are organised time to time to encourage the students which will help the students to choose their ambitious career. This institute provides conveyance and boarding facilities to the students whome reside far off distance. Our boarding staffs always create hostel environment friendly just as comfortable at home. We avoid caning because there is no space for punishment physically and mentally. Children understand easily the language of love and sweet affection. We keep the students in the enchanted mood to make unbreakable relation between teachers and students. Discipline and manners are strong pillars of our educational foundation.

Our Mission & Vision:

Our Mission is to provide them best modern educational technique to improve their skill which will touch all the sides of his/her. We apply the easiets method of learning that will be stictly based on CBSE.

From Principal Desk's

Firstly, i am thankful to all my respected guardians, who are fully dedicated towards providing education to their children, regarding for this aim, they keep love and respect in their lovely and kind hearts for my institutions. I am grateful to those guardians who keep me in their hearts and eyes. from the beginning moments of this institution till now. And till my all coming stages. I stand to keep a memorable attitude for the growth of this institution. I swore that all the small buds will be educated in this locality. I provide all the best/sources to our coming pupils. I always keep in mind how to do better. I am also grateful to our goverining bodies who give targets to do better to us and to implement the systems by wich quality education can be put into pupils innocent mind. I promise and ensure the guardians to make the children future bright and never take a wink in the betterment of new generations. I always think to put moral obligation into pupils sensitive mind.

We also provide moral lessons because morality is the real face of human beings. Education is identity of a man otherwise there will be no difference between animal and human beings. Education in the birth right of man. Without education every body is blind. education is a light that enlighten all the drak hearts. I always try to put education with morality. If they are mixed each other, quality education is created.

Director's Message to Parents/Guardians

We are familiar very well which type of educational Institution will be beneficial for our children. Please spare some times for your lovely and innocent children in completion of homework, checking of school diary, deposition of fee on time, communication about developments of wards. You are requested to maintain absent caue of in the diary for starting a decent tradition of quality education. Thanks a lot for cooperation.

About Admission

The academic year is from April to March, so registration of children starts in January. Prospectus and application form in attached together can be obtained from the school counter after payment of 300/- each. Admission is taken after test of the child for which he is able. Birth Certificate, address proof, transfer certificate, photo graphs of the child should be attached with filled registration form. The Childs admission will noazat be granted if he/she is less than 3 years according to birth certificate.


  • Winter: 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM
  • Summer: 7:30 AM to 1:15 PM


  • Principal: 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Accounts: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Examination:  1st Terminal in June, 2nd Terminal in October and Annual Examination will be organized in February.

Note:  Admission Test will be organized in Januart after registration. Registration form will be filled by the parents in December only registration is not guarantee of the admission of the student.

School Uniform:
Monday to Thrusday:  Blue white chek shirt and Navy Blue Pant/Skirt/ Woolen Clothes like sweater/coat/monkey cap/scraf.
Friday & Saturday:   White Chek Shirt, White Pant, While Socks, White Shoes


Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence subject to follow the steps systematically.

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