An Appeal to Parents

Dear Parents,Every day the corona cases are increasing. Seeing the present situation of the country, we don’t see any possibility of opening the school in the near future. At this time the option for the children is to attend the online classes. Carmel Convent, has started from the beginning itself. The response to the online classes from the parents as well as students is very encouraging. Teachers are doing a commendable job in teaching online despite many difficulties. There are quite a few students who are not taking the online classes very seriously. Therefore my humble request to those parents is to encourage and motivate the children to attend the online classes so that they are up to date with their studies. We have engaged our teachers’ full time to take online classes but we are sorry to say that we are unable to pay them salary because the fee is not paid by you. Some are paying, but most of you have not paid since April. We understand your pain and struggle at this critical juncture. At the same time, we are also concerned about our teachers whose livelihood depends on the school's salary. Therefore my humble request to you is to pay the monthly fee, either full or partial, up to June 2020, so that it may not become a burden to you to pay the whole amount when school reopens.Please consider our request with goodwill. Thank you for your wholehearted cooperation and support. God bless you all.

A few points are listed below for your perusal.

  • 1.   Parents are requested to go through the diary very carefully.
  • 2.   Students must wear their I-cards, carry their school diaries daily and come neatly dressed to school.
  • 3.   Please do not send return birthday gifts. Only sweets/chocolates are permitted
  • 4.   Homework is given regularly. Parents should ensure that the child does his/her work on time.
  • 5.   School diary is the main mode of communication. Kindly check it daily
  • 6.   Children should be encouraged to speak in English at home & participate in School Activities.
  • 7.   Parents are requested to check the transport route and timings with the Transport Incharge after applying for transport.
  • 8.   The bags, bottles and other belongings of the students of classes I to VIII, must have the name and class of the student written with paint or nail polish.
  • 9.   You have to shape yourself according to the convent environment and after that school you will also behave well in your society.
  • 10.   Each child of Pre I – VIII has to carry a spare set of labelled Trousers / pants / shorts.
  • 11.   Your regular support in all aspects will help us succeed in our efforts.

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