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Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities Morning Assembly

The School Assembly, Gathering every day before the classes begin, is a picture of solemnity and discipline. The school choir sings devotional songs, following by the common prayer after the prayer, recitations, Quizzes, Skits, News Reading, Celebration / Observations of various festivals, events, news presentation and singing of National Anthem / Song etc form others features of the Morning Assembly every day.


The whole School meditates in the Morning Assembly in continuation of the School Prayer.

Following activities which are conducted during School hours every week. Participation in one of these is compulsory for every student.

  • 1.   Music - Instrumental & Vocal
  • 2.   Dance - Classical, Folk & Western
  • 3.   Hindi and English literary Activities - Dramatics, Debating Elocution and Extempore.
  • 4.   Art & Craft - Water oil painting, Flower Making, Rangoli.
  • 5.   Club & Craft - Club, Computer Clubs, Maths Club, Science Club etc
  • 6.   Sports & Games - Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball,chess,& carom.

Primary School (Class I to Class V)

A creative and innovative approach is the basis of the teaching in the primary classes where learning is catered through the hands-on experiences imparted through exposure to myriad activities in both the scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas. Relentless dedication is involved to develop the child’s analytical skills, an inquisitive mind and the communication skills with confidence.

Middle School (Class VI to Class VIII)

Important transition takes place during these impressionistic years where the methodology followed is the extension of the momentum gained in the primary classes. Students learn best when they actively participate in the class and they feel valued when teachers encourage them to share their knowledge with their peers. Hence ample opportunities are given to the children to interact with one another through encouraged participation in various intra and inter school activities.

Academic teaching incorporates activities and experiment based learning programmes. A detailed and more comprehensive evaluation based on a grading system is done to display the students’ achievements of the learning objective.

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