Rules for a Day School Students

  • 1.   Parents/ Guardians are suggested to send the wards after complete cleanliness only in neat & clean dresses. Student should have smart look.
  • 2.   Only dry food items are permitted in the lunch box as - Biscuits and snacks. In and condition boiled rice/Mutton items/Curd are not allowed.
  • 3.   If you ward is affected from any communicative or infectious diseases please don't sent in the school.
  • 4.   Any type of Valuable articles/sharp & Pointed things/Mobile/Plaything are not allowed in the school bag.

Rules of the school for the students:

  • 1.   If the student requests to leave he/she must submit an application to the Principal through the class teacher describing in proper reason that is signed by the parent/Guardian.
  • 2.   Students are suggested to be punctual in the school.
  • 3.   If the student has been absent for a week without informing the school office his/her enrollment will be struck off from the attendance register then re-admission is processed.
  • 4.   Completion the homework has great importance to develop the learning skill. You must make mind for studying well at least 5 hours to become a genius.
  • 5.   Neat and clean uniform flashes the smart look about you. So maintain yourself.
  • 6.   Any type of indiscipline will not be ignored by the school authorities.
  • 7.   you must behave your classmates gently.
  • 8.   Talking during assembly and class will be counted as serious offence.
  • 9.   You have to shape yourself according to the convent environment and after that school you will also behave well in your society.
  • 10.   80% of presentation is required in each month. otherwise your admission will be cancelled and the the process of re-admssion will be taken.
  • 11.   Proper uniform and cleanliness is compulsory for children.
  • 12.   45% of aggregate marks in each of the subject or in group total is must for being pass.
  • 13.   candidates are not allowed to sit for examination, if attendance is below 80% of the total classes.
  • 14.   Don't damage the school and government property. You must clean your surroundings and helo the old aged people.. Always think about the development of country. Feel pride to be an Indian.

Advice to the parent/Guardians

  • 1.   Parents are requested to spare the time for your tiny tots at the time of completing the homework accordings the school diarty daily.
  • 2.   You should visit school office to interact the Principal or class teacher about ward's progress every month.
  • 3.   Behave well with your children because home is use as playthings and prevent them for watching late night television program, supply the necessary things that demanded by your children.
  • 4.   Never Scold him/her playing the good games but time period should be fixed.
  • 5.   If you want to interact to the teaching staffs, first contact the Principal in the Office. Don't try to talk to any teacher in the class while classes are going on because children will be distrubed.
  • 6.   Please pay the fees of the school on time otherwise your wards are not allowed to appear in the examinations.
  • 7.   Please try to collect information from school office only because teaching members are not permitted to convey any message among the guardians and parents.
  • 8.   At the time of promotion of the student principal's decisions will be final.
  • 9.   One month prior information regarding the dismissal or withdraw should be sent in the school office. Transfer certificate will be issued after paying the account.
  • 10.   Don't force children to attend the class when they affected by communication and serious diseases.
  • 11.   Any type of Institutional problem regarding any students will be not entertained on phones/mobile.
  • 12.   Our first care towards discipline, Mahatama Gandhi, father of nation, said that "if boys and girls do not learn discipline in their school days, Money and time spent on their education is so much a national loss"
  • 13.   We can not tolerate any ill mannered act of children during school hours. After 3 times or warning school managements will be authorised to expel the child.
  • 14.   Having Lunch box with lunch is responsibility of guardian's
  • 15.   School and hostel fees must be paid in time if delay in payment, a fine will be charged.
  • 16.   In case of promotion of failure the Principal's decision will be final.
  • 17.   Only parents and mentioned guardians are allowed to see the exam papers on result day.

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